Waterproof Industrial Touch Screen Monitor Ture Flat 19 Inch Touch Screen Monitor Slim

  • Infrared open touch display.
  • IP65 rating.
  • ELO serial port compatible.
  • Aluminum panel + plastic infrared screen.
  • flat rubber glass + chassis + back cover;
  • With light sensitive, high brightness, with automatic start/stop fan, 24V power supply, LCD
  • AD board with wide temperature, VGA+DVI interface, serial touch;

Products Details

♦ Industrial Control System ♦ AV Equip & Rental business ♦ Simulation Application ♦ 3D Visualisation /360 Deg Walkthrough ♦ Interactive touch table ♦ Large Corporates♦ Information Kiosks ♦ Gaming Machine, Lottery , POS, ATM and Museum Library ♦ Government projects and 4S Shop ♦ Electronic catalogs ♦ Computer-based traning ♦ Eductioin and Hospital Healthcare ♦ Digital Signage AdvertisementFounded in 2011. By putting the customer’s interest first, CJTOUCH consistently offers exceptional customer experience and satisfaction through its wide variety of touch technologies and solutions including All-in-One touch systems. CJTOUCH makes available advanced touch technology at a sensible price for its clientele. CJTOUCH further adds unbeatable value through customization to meet particular needs when required. The versatility of CJTOUCH’s touch products is evident from their presence in varying industries such as Gaming, Kiosks, POS, Banking, HMI, Healthcare and Public Transportation.Infrared Touch Screen Technology (Infrared Touch Screen Technology) is composed of infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements mounted on the outer frame of the touch screen, on the surface of the screen, forming an infrared detection network, any touch object can change the infrared light on the contact and achieve touch screen operation. Infrared touch screen is similar to the principle of implementation of surface acoustic wave touch, it is the use of infrared transmitting and receiving sensing elements. These components form an infrared detection network on the surface of the screen, touching the object (such as a finger) can change the contact infrared, which is translated into the coordinate position of the touch to achieve the operation of the response. In the infrared touch screen, the four sides of the screen are lined up with infrared transmitter and infrared receiver circuit board devices, corresponding to the formation of horizontal and vertical cross infrared matrix.

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