Multi-Touch 10 Touch Points Multitouch Eeti Controller Board Waterproof USB Cables Projective Capacitive Interactive Touch Foil for LCD Modules

Complete size Multi-touch USB interface, easy installation High accuracy, high resolution, high sensitivity CE,FCC,RoHS Support common market operating system Support customization

Products Details

Technical specification
Projected touch panel
Number of touch point
input voltage
5V ----
Pressure endurance value
Hand writing or capacitive pen
Surface Hardness
The specification is applied to transparent and handwriting input
capacitive touch panels
It's applied in ordinary electric equipments and automatic office facilities
Cover Lens Specification
Pressure Value
400 ~500 mPA above 6u
Ball Drop Test
130g±2g, 35cm, No damage after the impact at the central area for once.
≥6H Pencil: 6H Pressure: 1N/45.
Working temperature and humidity
-10~+60ºC, 20~85% RH
Storage temperature and humidity
-10~+65ºC, 20~85% RH
Humidity resistance
85% RH, 120H
Heat resistance
65ºC, 120H
Cold resistance
-10ºC, 120H
Thermal shock
-10ºC(0.5hour)-60ºC(0.5hour) by 50 cycles
Anti - glare Test
Incandescent lamp (220V,100W) ,
operating distance over 350mm
Working Environment
Directly Under sunlight ,indoor and outdoor
Auto full screen scanning
Operate system
Win 7,Win 8,Win10, Andriod,Linux
Calibration tool
Precalibrated & Software can be download in CJTouch Website
Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Screen panel - SERIES:10.1"-65"
♦ Industrial Control System ♦ AV Equip & Rental business ♦ Simulation Application ♦ 3D Visualisation /360 Deg Walkthrough ♦ Interactive touch table ♦ Large Corporates♦ Information Kiosks ♦ Gaming Machine, Lottery , POS, ATM and Museum Library ♦ Government projects and 4S Shop ♦ Electronic catalogs ♦ Computer-based traning ♦ Eductioin and Hospital Healthcare ♦ Digital Signage Advertisement CJtouch was founded in 2011. Specializing in the development of touch displays and other products, CJTOUCH consistently delivers superior customer experience and satisfaction through its wide range of touch technologies and solutions, including all-in-one touch systems, by putting the interests of its customers first. CJTOUCH offers its customers advanced touch technologies at affordable prices. cjtouch also adds unparalleled value through customization to meet specific needs. the versatility of cjtouch's touch products is evident from its presence in diverse industries such as gaming, kiosks, POS, banking, human machine interfaces, healthcare and public transportation. CJTouch touch monitor

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