Factory Direct Supply 55 Inch Ir Touch Frame Customized Interactive Screen Overlay Panel

Infrared touch frame is a non-contact touch technology that enables the touch operation of fingers, hands or other objects in a designated area. Infrared touch frame consists of a transmitting device and a receiving device. The transmitting device will emit infrared light, and then the receiving device will detect the change of infrared light to obtain the user's touch operation. Infrared touch frame also has the function of multi-touch, can detect multiple touch points at the same time to improve the efficiency of the operation. Infrared touch frame has good durability, stability, reliability, wear resistance, easy to install and operate, etc. It can meet complex control needs with good reliability and stability. It can resist vibration and electromagnetic interference and can work in a variety of harsh environments, making it a reliable touch technology.

Products Details

P/N CIP Slim series
Overlay Thickness 14.6   mm
Overlay Frame Width 19.1 mm
Housing Aluminum frame/ Plastic frame
Input Method Finger or touch pen
Touch Points NA2= 2 Touch Points,NA4= 4 Touch Points, NA6=6 Touch Points
Touch Activation Force Non Minimum activation force
Position Accuracy 1mm
Resolution 4096(W)×4096(D)
Response Time Touch: 6ms
Drawing : 6ms
Cursor Speed 120 dot/sec
Glass 4mm glass Transparency : 92%
Object Touch Size  ≥ Ø5mm
Touch Intensity Over 60 millions single touch
Operating  Voltage DC 4.5V ~ DC 5.5V
Power 1.0W (100mA at DC 5V)
Anti -Static Discharge             (Standard :B) Touch Discharge,Grade 2:Lab Vol 4KV
Air Discharge,Grade 3:Lab Vol 8KV
Temperature operating:-10 °C ~ 60 °C
storage:-30°C ~ 70 °C
Humidity operating:20% ~85%
Relative Humidity 40 °C,90% RH
Anti – glare Test Incandescent lamp (220V,100W) ,
operating distance over 350mm
Altitude 3,000m
Interface USB2.0 full speed
Seal Ability IP64 Anti-Spill (Customizable to IP65 Waterproof)
Working Environment Directly Under sunlight ,indoor and outdoor
Application of Display Touch Screen Monitor/Touch Display/Touch LCD/ Touch Kiosks
Operate system Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10, Andriod,Linux
Calibration tool Precalibrated & Software can be download in CJTouch Website
PID 0 013
♦ Industrial Control System ♦ AV Equip & Rental business ♦ Simulation Application ♦ 3D Visualisation /360 Deg Walkthrough ♦ Interactive touch table ♦ Large Corporates♦ Information Kiosks ♦ Gaming Machine, Lottery , POS, ATM and Museum Library ♦ Government projects and 4S Shop ♦ Electronic catalogs ♦ Computer-based traning ♦ Eductioin and Hospital Healthcare ♦ Digital Signage AdvertisementFounded in 2011. By putting the customer’s interest first, CJTOUCH consistently offers exceptional customer experience and satisfaction through its wide variety of touch technologies and solutions including All-in-One touch systems. CJTOUCH makes available advanced touch technology at a sensible price for its clientele. CJTOUCH further adds unbeatable value through customization to meet particular needs when required. The versatility of CJTOUCH’s touch products is evident from their presence in varying industries such as Gaming, Kiosks, POS, Banking, HMI, Healthcare and Public Transportation.

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